Drone Video in KC

Clarke's Creations has done several projects in Johnson County and is looking to expand to nearby locations. We offer quality aerial videos of apartments, small businesses, real estate, golf courses and construction projects.


If you have an idea in mind, send me a message on here or Facebook and we can put your idea into action.

Mavic Pro Platinum Drone

I currently record with the Mavic Pro Platinum. The reason I use the Mavic Pro Platinum is because its ability to shoot both video and pictures in 4K quality. As if this wasn't enough, I also have 3 batteries, a wall charger and a car charger to go along with it.

Each battery gives the drone about 25-30 minutes of power, depending on how you operate it. If you are flying around capturing lots of different content, then it is more likely to only fly for about 25 minutes but if you are just letting the drone rest up in the air, then the chances of it flying longer are much better.